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Brick Lane Music Academy
Community Interest Company

The Academy supports equity of access to music education for all, with a primary focus on children and young people and those who are economically disadvantaged. We offer subsidised musical tuition to children and young people who show an aptitude or interest in learning and also offer cradle to grave musical engagement opportunities for disadvantaged families within the region of Paisley, an area which is within the top 5% of Scotland’s most disadvantaged areas. We aim to offer consistent engagement that is emotionally and socially nurturing; strive to actively reduce barriers to accessing musical education and enjoyment; aim to connect families, children and organisations through creativity; encourage the development of independent thought and shared responsibility; and aim to develop the skills of local volunteers.

We work closely with our partners in the Community, including Finding Your Feet, Active Communities, Pashedu, Mears Housing, ROAR, Includeme2, Mirren Park School and others, delivering Music Workshops and Courses to all ages. Our Access All Ages sessions include Parent and Tots classes for PreSchool Children and Babies to encourage bonding and social interaction, youth projects to develop music skills and curriculum develop[ment, using the Recording and Rehearsal Hub at Brick Lane and Intergenerational Music Cafes to improve Health and Well Being. In addition, we can deliver Music and Art Workshops, Beat and Rhythm Workshops and Ukulele workshops. We are happy to build a programme or course to suit you and meet your requirements.

Please get in touch with us using the contact form below to let use know what you are interested in.

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Family Music Sessions
Intergenerational Music Cafe

A pay as you go music session for parents and children from 0-5 years, followed by lunch . All generations are welcome to attend, so grandparents are welcome to come and join in too. Pay £6 on the day. Please register your place here.
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Classes &

Music Cafe

We still have spaces available in our FREE music café sessions, taking place every Tuesday from 11am

The session is intergenerational and suitable for anyone who is looking for a bit of conversation, a warm place, some lunch and music making.

Message us, call us (07437463421) or email to book a space!