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Music School

The Music School was founded in January 2015 by Diane Mitchell and has built up a strong reputation in Paisley and the locality for offering high quality music tuition in a variety of instruments. In addition, we offer a unique sequential based music programme, which includes all age groups, including adults. Now you can start your education as a baby, continue through childhood, into adulthood and onto the professional level. Qualified professionals, who are fully registered PVG members, teach all lessons and classes.

Children’s Musicianship Classes

The Music School offers fun music classes to children from babies up to age 11 years. The classes provide the starting point in a child’s musical education. Using singing games, puppets and percussion instruments, they offer young children the opportunity to gain a thorough grounding in basic musical concepts and skills in a fun and exciting way, helping to build confidence, improving concentration and developing social skills.

The classes offer a comprehensive musical training programme open to all children regardless of background and skills. The structured programme is based upon the guidelines set down by Kodaly and is concerned with the development of the whole child as an individual. Zoltan Kodaly was a Hungarian composer and educationalist, who believed that musical education should start as early as possible, even “nine months before birth”. He believed strongly that music is for everyone and that singing should be the foundation of music education. The use of the voice is paramount in the Kodaly approach to teaching music. Every child can be taught to sing and singing without the aid of an instrument leads to highly developed aural skills. Through a programme of singing games and rhymes, the child’s inner hearing and memory is developed. In other words, just as one learns to speak first and then read and write later, so the sound is taught first before the symbols. The developed inner ear will then be able to recall the sounds when they are presented later as symbols.

In our musicianship classes, all work is inclusive – we believe that every child is able to make music to a high level of achievement. Moreover the main emphasis is on fun! At the early stage we start with unconscious learning. While playing games and having fun, the children are unaware that they are learning vital musicianship skills and absorbing things that will never leave them. They then move on to conscious learning where musical concepts are introduced and then continue to be reinforced.

What are the benefits?

      • The positive benefits of music on the child’s development are immense. Active participation in singing games and music activities enhances social skills and the forming of positive relationships, discipline, self-esteem and confidence, creativity, reasoning skills, listening skills, spatial awareness, memory, co-ordination, concentration, fluency of speech and a better understanding and use of language.
      • Children and parents are having fun together and meeting new friends.
      • Activities are inclusive. Every child can participate at his or her own level, which in turn promotes self-confidence and self-esteem.
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Music Classes

Please note you must pre register before attending any of our classes or workshops and we will confirm your registration.

We offer a huge variety of classes, each one focusing on developing childrens’ musicality. The classes and lessons offered by the music school encourage the development of the pupil into a well-rounded musician through a varied programme. Between the ages of 5 and 9 years, most children are ready to learn to play an instrument in an individual lesson.



The emphasis at this stage is on parent-child interaction and having fun with music. The overall aim is to encourage the child to feel the pulse of the music using puppets and basic percussion instruments.


Children will now begin to differentiate between the pulse of the music and the rhythm. They will also be introduced to musical stick notation. They will start to use hand signs from the pentatonic scale (do, re, mi, so and la) to show pitch.

Piano Tots FOr Ages 3-5 yrs

This class introduces young children to basic piano concepts, as well as building up a knowledge of beat, rhythm and pitch. . They learn to read music in a fun and engaging way using large board staves and animals. The class promotes literacy and numeracy skills through counting and learning the musical alphabet. 

Piano Kids For 5-7 yrs

This class continues the work previously covered in Piano Tots and is a great class for those children, who prefer to learn an instrument in a group setting.

Junior Musicianship For Ages 5-9 Yrs

At some point during this stage, depending on the child’s progress, we recommend a one to one instrumental or vocal lesson in addition to the class. Please contact the office to discuss this with your child’s teacher.

Musical Creators For 5-10 yrs

A musical theatre class with a show at the end of each term, confidence building games with dancing, acting and singing.

Rhythm Kids For 8-11 yrs

Try a new instrument every 4 weeks! A class for older children to learn beat, rhythm and pitch and try different instruments such as guitar, ukulele, violin and piano. Children work as a team and begin to write their own songs and perform together.


pre grade 1 & grades 1/2/3/4/5 theory For Ages 7-15 Yrs

These classes teach the essential musical theory knowledge required for learning to play an instrument and enables the child to become a well-rounded musician. The concepts and theory are taught in a fun way using games and percussion.

Traditional Tots

An all inclusive class for children age 3-6 years. This workshop runs for 8 weeks from the 19th August 11:00am – 11:45am and is avaiable for a special price of £50. The class in run in conjunction with the Diane Mitchell Music School. Please click the Enrol button to book your space.

Weekly Timetable

Musical Tots

10:00am – 0-3yrs – 45 mins

Grade 1 Theory

10:00am – 5-9yrs – 1 hour

Grade 4 Theory

11:00am – 1 hour

Piano Kids

11:00am – 5-9 Yrs – 1 hour

Piano Tots

11:15am – 3-5 Yrs – 45 Mins

Rhythm Kids

11.15am – 8-11yrs – 1 hour

Musical Maestros

12:30pm – 3-5yrs – 1 hour

Junior Musicianship Silver

12:30pm – 5-9yrs – 1 hour

Piano Tots

1:30pm – 3-5 Yrs – 45 Mins

Grade 4 Theory

1:45pm – 45 mins

Musical Creators

2:30pm – 5-10yrs – 1 hour

Musical Tots

11:00am – 0-3 Yrs – 45 Mins

Guitar Group

5:00pm – 6+ Yrs – 45 Mins

Piano Tots

4:00pm – 3-5 Yrs – 45 Mins

Piano Kids

5:30pm – 5-7 Yrs – 1 hour

Piano Kids

4:00pm – 5-7 Yrs – 1 hour

Saturdays: August – December 2023

23rd September – OFF

21st October  – OFF

Saturdays: January – June 2024                                                                                   

10th February – OFF

6th April – OFF

13th April – OFF

25th May – OFF

Mondays –  August – December 2023

25th September – OFF

16th October – OFF

Mondays – January –  June 2024                                                                         

12th February – OFF

1st April – OFF

8th April – OFF

27th May – OFF

Wednesdays – August – December 2023 

27th September – OFF

18th October – OFF

Wednesdays – January – June 2024                                                                 

14th February – OFF

3rd April – OFF

10th April – OFF

29th May – OFF

Thursdays –  August – December 2023

21st September – OFF

19th October -OFF

Thursdays – January – June 2024 

8th February – OFF

4th April – OFF

11th April – OFF

23rd May – OFF

Fridays – August – December 2023

22nd September – OFF

20th October -OFF

Fridays – January – June 2024   

9th February – OFF

5th April – OFF

12th April – OFF

24th May – OFF

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One to One Tuition

We offer expert tuition in ..

Piano Keyboard Drums Guitar Electric Guitar Bass Guitar
Ukulele Percussion Violin Cello Double Bass Flute
Clarinet Saxophone Bagpipes Trumpet & Brass Singing Theory

Electric Guitar
Bass Guitar
Double Bass
Trumpet & Brass

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Childrens One to One Tuition

The Music School in Paisley, Renfrewshire offers high-quality and affordable private music lessons and tuition for kids and adults, as well as group lessons and classes to people of all ages. We run our friendly and engaging sessions at Brick Lane Studios in Paisley and at St Andrew’s Parish Church in Barrhead. 

We lead children on a voyage of discovery in music, while providing useful skills for the future. As well as developing musical skills, our approach ensures that children also gain confidence, concentration and social skills. We enable each child to fulfil their potential in music, becoming a successful learner, a confident individual, an effective contributor and a responsible citizen.

As well as offering graded exams (ABRSM and Trinity Rock & Pop), the Diane Mitchell Music School helps to prepare and motivate students to achieve their SQA exams and ultimately learn the skills required for a career in music teaching/performance.

Adult One to One Tuition

Are you looking to get Adult Music Lessons for yourself or as a gift to someone you know? We cater for adults of all ages and abilities and offer both in person and online tuition. Whether you are a student undertaking your first music lesson or have had previous lessons, we can help ! We teach adults with all abilities and aim to provide you with a skill that you can carry with you for the rest of your life. Playing a musical instrument or learning to sing not only provides you with added confidence but a base for a career if you wish to take your music to the next level.

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Music School Choir

An all inclusive choir for children age 6 years plus,  who love singing and performing. Come along, make new friends and enjoy singing a wide variety of songs. Time, start  date and cost to be confirmed.
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